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Mobile Apps Benefits

Native Applications

Fast and reliable application using the latest technologies that the world's most powerful mobile platforms provide.

Internet of Things

Connect your mobile phone application with other devices, make automation and support the two famous home assistant kits (Google Home, Amazon Echo)

AR and VR

Lift your users experience to the highest levels possible. Using AR or VR as technologies you give to your audience a better insight of your services.

E-shop Integration

Whatever platform of e-shop you have we can integrate with the use of webservices a create a mobile application suited for your needs.

UX and UI design

Bring your idea to life with the help of experience UX designers in order your users to have access to your content fast.

Mobile Analytics

Learn everything that will boost your business. We provide detail analytics for your mobile application to enhance your knowledge of your users.

Happy Customers

To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

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Your Partner for
Software Innovation

Codevision consists of fresh, creative people, so that the company remains modern, identifies new trends and benefits from them. We have devoted endless hours to designing, developing websitese-shops and online applications as well as Internet Marketing and 3d Augmented reality


Business Industries
What We Serve

Gaming & Enterteinment
Gaming & Enterteinment
Using the Unity graphic engine we build all kind of mobile games. We support 2D and 3D environments. We have also the ability to integrate any 2D or 3D environment to your existing codebase through WBGL.
Information Technology
Information Technology
From any smart devices or any IΟΤ solution CodeVision can create an unique environment tailored for your needs to control more productively your life and your business.
Retail & Distribution
Retail & Distribution
Nowadays all the transactions are easy to made through the mobile phones. We can easily build a B2C or B2B mobile application connected with your existing E-shop solutions in order to expand your business and lift up your sales.
Business & Finance
Business & Finance
We bring your financials to life with the integration of your reports (sales, expenses etc.) in a mobile application of your design.